Some nice Venezuelan tachinids

Just had time to look at a box of Venezuelan tachinids sent to me by my good friend Jose Manuel Ayala. There are plenty of complete unknowns but a few look like familiar friend: a beautifully marked Zelia sp. (#2 on the top row) & Cylindromyia sp, (#5 on the middle row).

2 Replies to “Some nice Venezuelan tachinids”

  1. That one in the top row, second from the right, looks like something we’re calling Hypoproxynops at the lab here, or something close to Vibrissina. Does it have a piercer?

  2. @ZL ‘Kai’ Burington
    Hi – thanks for the comment. There is no piercer because it is a male. However, the pleurae are striking in that they are covered in dense, straw-coloured hair – similar to the hair in Telothyria but without branching. Does that ring any bells?

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