GSW – William Dowler & Sons

William Dowler & Sons made whistles between the 1880s and 1904 but after 1904 they contracted manufacture to J. Hudson so their brand name continued for a while. This can help when it comes to identifying their whistles.

  • Whistle marked “Great Charles St” : 1880s-1901
  • Whistle marked “Graham Street Works”:
    • a tongue present in the mouth piece : 1901-1904
    • no tongue in the mouthpiece : 1904 onwards (manufactured by Hudson) [some whistles at this time were made by De Courcy but I haven’t seen any of these to know how to split them]

2 Replies to “GSW – William Dowler & Sons”

  1. Trying to obtain an image of a William Dowler wooden truncheon with the original leather strap still intact. Have you ever come across such an example?

  2. No, sorry – you could try on the “Whistle and Call Collecting” Facebook group – a lot of good whistle detectives there 🙂

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