More butterfly wings…

I got an unexpected “gift” the other day of a Melles Griot 16x/0.32 160/0.17 microscope objective lens. I had ordered the 10x version (which is probably all I need in terms of magnification) but the eBay seller sent me the wrong one – but, being a nice chap, he said he’d refund me and I could keep the lens because it was just too expensive to send it back – it’s a fairly cheap objective.

Anyway, today I hooked it up to the camera just to see how it performs and I chose the “industry standard” measure – butterfly wings. So here are a few wings at 16x (approximately – I haven’t calculated the exact magnification):

They’re not perfect and I think that I could improve the lighting, but they do look quite impressive in places 🙂

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  1. Hello Chris,
    Beautiful your essays with micro photography. I’m waiting my new objective Nikon 10x for my micro photos. This is a new world, Fantastic!!! When I have some photos, I will send you!

    Jose M.

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