Moor Copse & Pamber Forest

Today was an absolutely glorious 28C and sunny (without a gale-force wind!) so I headed out for Moor Copse to see what I could find.

I set off along the river bank accompanied by a chorus of 100s of Roesel’s Bush-cricket coming from the long grass. I soon saw Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Scarlet Tiger (sitting on foliage) and my first Silver-washed Fritillary … plus (on the hogweeds) Cheilosia illustrata, Nowickia ferox & Gasteruption jaculator. The Silver-washed Fritillaries were almost the commonest butterfly on the walk – probably only eclipsed by Meadow Browns, but only by a little. Other things seen were Speckled Wood, Small White, Small Copper, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Small Tortoishell & a solitary and very fresh Six-spot Burnet moth. On the tachinid front it was a bit quiet but I did see Thelaira nigripes, Phasia pusilla/barbifrons and Dinera grisescens. There were also quite a few sarcophagids and anonymous-looking tachinids too but these will have to wait to be examined more carefully before I can give them a name.

Rather than go home for lunch I decided to push-on and visit Pamber Forest where I had seen a suspected Gymnosoma a few years ago. Sadly there were no Gymnosoma today but the forest was full of Silver-washed Fritillaries – they were everywhere and all in perfect condition. It was here that I managed to get a few videos of the Fritillaries nectaring on bramble flowers.

Silver-washed Fritillary #1

Silver-washed Fritillary #2

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