fg-taxon #8 (Xanthomelanodes & Pennapoda sp.)

This “taxon” is actually probably 5 taxa but they share very similar superficial morphology – they are almost certainly phasiines and they have the typical chololate-coloured body with paler markings; a deeply shaded wing costa; and a large head with large eyes.

Specimen #79 (8a) is shown here (Xanthomalanodes sp.):

fg-taxon #8 specimen-079fg-taxon #8 specimen #79fg-taxon #8 specimen #079

Specimen #351 (8b) is shown here (Xanthomelanodes sp.):


Specimen #98 (8c) is shown here (the only Pennapoda sp.):


This taxon-group illustrates the difficulty of determining ‘species’ in complex groups like this. Superficially the morphology is very similar but when you look at them very closely there are very significant differences that indicate not only different species but different genera.

EDIT (Monty Wood 26/9/2010): These are mainly Xanthomelanodes sp. but with one Pennapoda sp.

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