fg-taxon #14 (Winthemia sp.)

This taxon group contains specimens that have a strong resemblance to members of the Sturmiini. All specimens have recumbent hairs and bristles with a tuft of stronger bristles on the most posterior tergites and the males all have a large, dense ‘Sturmia spot’ on the underside of the tergites.

This is a female:

fg-taxon-14-82-02 fg-taxon-14-82-11 fg-taxon-14-82-07

This is a male:

fg-taxon-14-specimen-66-03-2 fg-taxon-14-specimen-66-07-2 fg-taxon-14-specimen-66-09-2

and here is the male’s “Sturmia-spot”, the dense tufts of hair on the underside of tergites 4 & 5:


EDIT (Monty Wood 26/9/2010): These are all Winthemia sp.

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