Pantophthalmus little & large 2

Pantophthalmus little & large
Here are a couple of French Guianan Pantophthalmus spp. that I picked up from Erica’s volunteers at the NHM today (Pantophthalmus indet. on the left (22mm) and Pantophthalmus tabanninus (dark form) on the right (45mm)). They illustrate very nicely the wide range of sizes in the pantophthalmids – assumingly due to different rates of feeding ...

Some more Pantophthalmus from French Guiana 2

Some more Pantophthalmus from French Guiana
On Tuesday Erica McAlister lent me some pantophthalmids from a sample she had been sent by SEAG in French Guiana. Today I went through them identifying them to species and taking a few photos. The sample of 4 specimens was fairly typical for French Guiana – Pantophthalmus batesi (female), P.tabaninus (female) in normal colouration, P.tabaninus ...

Some new Pantophthalmus specimens

Some new Pantophthalmus specimens
Today I had the very great pleasure to open the latest parcel of interesting flies – this time from Martin Hauser, in California. Martin had sent a nice selection of North & South American tachinids along with 3 pantophthalmids. The tachinids are superb but I will post more about them later – today I concentrated ...

Some more photos of pantophthalmids 1

Some more photos of pantophthalmids
Today Martin Hauser sent me some really interesting photos of pantophthalmids in his collection. They are reproduced here with his permission – when I have photos of all species I will probably create a dedicated Pantophthalmidae page 🙂


These photos are of my holdings (9 specimens) in the family Pantophthalmidae, originating from French Guiana and obtained partly from Philippe Soler (Le Planeur Bleu museum, Cacao) and partly from Jean Cerda’s Malaise trap samples. This neotropical family is related to the soldier flies (Stratiomyidae) but the pantophthalmids are renowned for being some of the ...