Neobrachelia sp. (Peru)

Neobrachelia sp. (Peru)
This is a Neobrachelia sp. – the colours have come out a little bit too green in the photos – the dusting is really yellowish-grey. Det: Monty Wood, 2010.

Monty Wood’s neotropical workshop

Monty Wood's neotropical workshop
This weekend has been a real treat for me and I have learned so much. All due to the visit of Monty Wood, who took some time off working at the BMNH to visit me and work on my neotropical material. Monty has been identifying huge numbers of specimens and passing on as much of his ...

Another fantastic parcel from Eric & Martin 3

Another fantastic parcel from Eric & Martin
Today my postman huffed & puffed his way up the driveway with another box of specimens from Eric Fisher & Martin Hauser. My parcel wasn’t really all that heavy but I think the postie liked to make a point … he was feeling over-worked trying to get parcels to everyone before Easter 😉 Inside was ...