Beskia aelops from Peru

Beskia aelops from Peru
This is a lovely little dexiine tachinid found across most of the neotropics and into the southern United States – note the colouration, the hatched-shaped antenna-3 and long, curved proboscis 🙂 See also my photos of Beskia from French Guiana.

A new arrival from Peru!

Today I received a very exciting parcel of peruvian tachinids from John Smit and Menno Reemer. The samples were taken during the last half of 2009 in the Sachavacayoc Centre, Tambopata river region. This is a very species-rich part of the world with a very interesting fauna to me. I will probably take another few ...

Beskia aelops (fg-taxon #44) 2

Beskia aelops (fg-taxon #44)
This is a strange dexiine tachinid with and extremely long proboscis and long antennae. The curl on this specimen’s antennae may have been caused by the drying process when it was taken out of alcohol – I only have one specimen of this taxon so I have nothing else to compare it with. UPDATE (30/1/2010): ...