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Adejeania vexatrix (Nearctic) & look-alikes from Ecuador & Argentina

January 11th, 2010 2 comments

Here is an absolute beauty that goes by the name of Adejeania vexatrix – note the extremely long palps protruding forwards and the long proboscis, in this specimen held under the body.

The second specimen was taken in Ecuador (Napo, Rio Hollin, 1350m ASL) by Andrew Neild. This compares very favourably to specimens of Adejeania verrugena Townsend in the NHM (London).

The third specimen was taken in Argentina (Salta Province, Huaypa, Huasi, E of Cachi) by S. Kayss & M. Ohl. The body & wing colouration is very different to the others but it shares some very significant major features and keys well to Adejeania in the Nearctic Manual. After comparing it to material in the NHM (London) I have concluded that it most resembles Eudejeania melenax.


Eudejeania melenax (male) from Argentina


Some Argentinian, Bolivian & Costa Rican tachinids

December 16th, 2009 1 comment

A few of the more dramatic specimens from the neotropics a sample kindly donated by Martin Hauser :)  Identifications were derrived by comparing ot material in the NHM collections, London.

EDIT (6/8/2011): I have just spotted that Monty Wood has demoted Trichosaundersia Townsend to a synonym of Epalpus - so have amended this article accordingly.