fg-taxon #3 (Zelia sp.)

fg-taxon #3 (Zelia sp.)
This is a more typical tachinid – a dexiine with plumose antennae and a conventionally proportioned body and colouration. EDIT (Monty Wood 26/9/2010): This is a group of Zelia sp. – a very large and diverse genus.

fg-taxon #8 (Xanthomelanodes & Pennapoda sp.) 1

fg-taxon #8 (Xanthomelanodes & Pennapoda sp.)
This “taxon” is actually probably 5 taxa but they share very similar superficial morphology – they are almost certainly phasiines and they have the typical chololate-coloured body with paler markings; a deeply shaded wing costa; and a large head with large eyes. Specimen #79 (8a) is shown here (Xanthomalanodes sp.): Specimen #351 (8b) is shown ...

Zelia sp. (fg-taxon #2)

Zelia sp. (fg-taxon #2)
This taxon looks very similar to taxon #1 but it is subtly different. It closely resembles a box of “Zelia sp. indet.” in the NHM, London:

Scotiptera cf. venatoria (fg-taxon #7) 1

Scotiptera cf. venatoria (fg-taxon #7)
The fly was bought for a few francs from a butterfly collector in Cacao and it came without any data but with the assurance that it was collected locally. The specimen was badly greased and at first appeared black but after a bath in ethyl acetate the true colours were revealed. The photo doesn’t really ...

Zelia sp. (fg-taxon #1)

Zelia sp. (fg-taxon #1)
This taxon is a dexine tachinid with unusual markings on T3 and an elongate abdomen. It also has plumose antennae.

Beskia aelops (fg-taxon #44) 2

Beskia aelops (fg-taxon #44)
This is a strange dexiine tachinid with and extremely long proboscis and long antennae. The curl on this specimen’s antennae may have been caused by the drying process when it was taken out of alcohol – I only have one specimen of this taxon so I have nothing else to compare it with. UPDATE (30/1/2010): ...

Cholomyia inaequipes (fg-taxon #46) 1

Cholomyia inaequipes (fg-taxon #46)
This is a crazy-looking dexiine tachinid. This subfamily usually have quite elongate legs but this taxon takes it to extremes with hind legs that are actually twice as long as the rest of the body. The photo doesn’t show this very well but I decided to fold the legs up to protect them on this ...

fg-taxon #43 (Pennapoda sp.) 1

fg-taxon #43 (Pennapoda sp.)
This is a typical French Guianan phasiine tachinid – chocolate brown body with some orange markings with a bold brown wing costa. This species has an interesting little bristle-comb on the hind tibia and the calyptrae are half black on the posterior edge. EDIT (Monty Wood 26/9/2010): These small phasiines are usually Pennapoda – part ...