Acrocerid #3 (Philopota sp., Philopotinae) 2

This is the third in my recent series of acrocerids – a smaller taxon with shaded wings – 6mm body length hunched over. Jorge Almeida says it looks like an Philopota sp.

EDIT (20/2/2010): Jessica Gillung (Sao Paulo, Brazil) has been in touch with me to say that she is revising the genus Philopota and this photo looks like it might show a new species. With this in mind the 2 specimens of this genus that I have retrieved so far have been sent to her for inclusion in her revision. I’d like to thank Jessica for getting in touch and offering to work on the specimens. 🙂

EDIT (5/3/2010): Both specimens have arrived in Sao Paulo and Jessica has confirmed that they are a male and a female so she can now describe both sexes – what luck! 😀

EDIT (11/10/2011): Jessica has got back to me to say that, after investigation, they turned out to be Philopota flavolateralis, a very rare species – only known from 8 or 9 specimens! Maybe not as exciting as a new species but still very good 🙂

2 thoughts on “Acrocerid #3 (Philopota sp., Philopotinae)

  1. Reply Jéssica Gillung Nov 13,2009 4:48 pm

    Dear Chris,
    I found your website while looking for bibliography and I was extremelly surprised that you have published a great photograph of a Philopota species.
    I am currently dealing with the Neotropical fauna of Acroceridae and I am revising the genus Philopota in my master’s thesis.
    Recently I have published a pictorial key to the Brazilian genera, and if you are interested, I could send you a PDF copy.
    I don’t have much material from other countrys, except from Brazil and I noticed that the species in the photo is problably a new species from Guyana.
    Can we talk more about it?
    Could you please give me your email?

    Best regards,


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