Some nice Venezuelan tachinids

Just had time to look at a box of Venezuelan tachinids sent to me by my good friend Jose Manuel Ayala. There are plenty of complete unknowns but a few look like familiar friend: a beautifully marked Zelia sp. (#2 on the top row) & Cylindromyia sp, (#5 on the middle row).

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2 Responses to Some nice Venezuelan tachinids

  1. ZL 'Kai' Burington says:

    That one in the top row, second from the right, looks like something we’re calling Hypoproxynops at the lab here, or something close to Vibrissina. Does it have a piercer?

  2. ChrisR says:

    @ZL ‘Kai’ Burington
    Hi – thanks for the comment. There is no piercer because it is a male. However, the pleurae are striking in that they are covered in dense, straw-coloured hair – similar to the hair in Telothyria but without branching. Does that ring any bells?

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