A new objective – Lomo 8x 0.20 1

Received a nice little Russian microscope objective today from Haworthiaworld on eBay – a Lomo 8x 0.20 finite (I assume 160/-). I wasn’t expecting much from a £7 lens but it seems to have some promise. I have just finished a few test stacks and, my incompetence aside, the lens seems to be up to the job.

This is a very shallow stack that really needs to be a lot deeper but it shows a lateral view of a tachinid (head to the left). In the bottom left is the katepisternum and the top tight is the metathoracic spiracle withe hypopleural bristles down and left of them. To the left of the hypopleurals is the katepimeron:

The lighting is a bit off and there is a bit of ghosting but I will hopefully sort that out later on other stacks.

The next one is a Eunica coelina wing – one of my favourite subjects:

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  1. Reply Marina Feb 20,2012 9:10 pm

    I want carpet like that!

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