fg-taxon #63 (close to Borgmeiermyia sp.)

(photographs to follow)

At first glance just a small, black & grey-dusted tachinid but this taxon has hidden depth. The most distinctive feature when sorting is the orange coxae on all legs – a quite unusual feature. The male genitalia are also quite easy to spot, being quite rounded & hairy often with some orange-colouration. Other features include: lower katepisternal weak or absent; strong diverging apical scutellars – usually with 3 scutellars but sometimes a hairlike subapical or lateral or even 4 strong scutellars; often 1 hair on r4+5 beyond the node, which itself contains 2-3 bristles; T2 & T3 marginals reduced, almost hairlike; T3 & T4 may or may not have 1 pair of discal bristles set slightly infront of the marginals but often reduced to hairs.

EDIT (Monty Wood 26/9/2010): This is most likely to be a genus closely related to Borgmeiermyia.

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