A really puzzling black tachinid

This weekend I have been having another look at the Armenian and Russian samples and hit the same problem … a really puzzling but very distinctive tachinid that just won’t key confidently. They bear a passing resemblance to Loewia sp. because they are shiny black with short antennae that are mounted on the face level with the center of the eye … but I just can’t get them to Loewia in either the Palearctic or Central European keys and they are huge (9-11mm), when compared to normal Loewia.

I have tried going back to basics and checking that they really are tachinids, and they are but every time I run them through the key they arrive at something impossible … so I am open to suggestions! 😀

EDIT: After help from Theo Zeegers and others I am going to call these Loewia brevifrons. Apparently this species of Loewia is a bit atypical and it much larger than the others – and it occurs in the areas that these specimens have been taken from.

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