Hooke Park ramble

Today we went for a ramble through Hooke Park, a lovely piece of mixed woodland with wide rides and open, cleared areas. There’s everything from patches of Leyland Cyprus to open Beech woodland with carpets of Bluebells.

The temperature was about 25C so everything was buzzing and the trees were surrounded by clouds of Bibio marci (a big, black, dangly-legged St. Mark’s fly) and Adela reaumurella (a black long-horned moth with a greenish sheen). Butterflies were limited to Orange-Tip (wih 1 that was 50% the normal size!), Green-viened White, Speckled Wood & Peacock.

The real highlights though were the long-horn beetles – 2 species of which were emerging from rotting logs by the sides of the path. A queen Hornet was also seen flying through the woods.

* many thanks to Max Barclay (Natural History Museum) for the beetle identifications.

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