Finnish tachinids 2010

A week ago I received a really nice parcel of tachinids from Jari Flinck in Finland and today I had time to sort over them for the first time and take some photos.

Here is the list so far: Billaea kolomyetzi (a male and 2 females – very nice), Campylocheta ineptaTachina fera, Cylindromyia spp. (brassicariapusilla & interrupta), Voria ruralis, Athrycia curvinervisPelatachina tibialis, Lydina aenea, Lypha dubiaEriothrix rufomaculata, Actia lamia & pillipennis, Siphona sp., Phorocera obscura, Loewia foeda & erecta, Zairia cinerea, Aplomya confinis, Solieria sp., Macquartia nudigena, Eloceria delecta, Meigenia dorsalis, Eurithia anthophila & connivens, Zophomyia temula, Phebellia glauca, Phryxe vulgaris and Cyzenis albicans 😀

The photo of the whole draw shows: Adrian Pont’s Armenian tachinids (trays 1 & 6); Andrey Ozerov’s tachinids from the Caucasus (trays 2-5); Jari’s Finnish tachinids (trays 7-9); miscellaneous unidentified tachinids (tray 10).

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