Stacking / compositing photographs

Recently a local photographer called Dave Dare got in touch with me to ask if I could lend him some specimens so that he could practice macro photo stacking/compositing. This seemed a great opportunity for me to help someone out and also have some of my favourite specimens photographed with very deep focus.

Dave has only just started but his first photo (a 17-image stack of a male Pelecotheca s.g. Cryptocladocera) looks really good:

EDIT (14/10/2010): Here is Dave’s second attempt – a 23-image composite of a female Pelecotheca s.g. Cryptocladocera (without the multi-fissicorn antennae):

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3 Responses to Stacking / compositing photographs

  1. Proctoss says:

    not true light!

  2. ChrisR says:

    Hi Proctoss – yes the lighting could be improved – I will pass on your links to Dave and he will work on it :) Thanks

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