Warburg Reserve – 18th July 2010

Today I went for a quick walk around Warburg nature reserve, near Henley-on-Thames. The main idea was to check for Villa cingulata (a rare speciality of the site) and to generally have a look for tachinids. Villa were seen in good numbers around the visitor’s center, The Range and Big Ashes ride – at least a dozen individuals seen either nectaring on parsnip or sunning at ground level.

Other species seen: lots of Silver-washed Fritillaries, Tachina fera (mainly very small individuals), Aplomya confinisNowickia ferox, a couple of Gasteruption jaculator (female), Chrysotoxum festivum, Chrysotoxum bicinctum, worker hornets, a few tachinids and lots of sarcophagids – lots of Cleg flies too!!

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  1. Great photos! I dream of such species up here in the cold north!

    I think the Chrysotoxum is festivum, not cautum (very different markings).

    Going back to 3rd July, I think the Stratiomys is potamida, not chamaeleon (yellow bars look thin and more like this).


  2. Hi Nigel – thanks for that corrections – I’ll update the photos. It was just me being too lazy to look the Chrysotoxum up – serves me right! 😉 I also forgot to update the strat – my PC has been broken for a while and I am still waiting for the replacement … never buy a Dell if you really have to have a PC quickly … grrrr.

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