Moor Copse – 3rd July 3020

I braved clouds of Cleg flies at Moor Copse today to take some photos and catch some flies. Saw lots of Dinera grisescens and Phasia obesa/pusilla-group and some Exorista rustica-group, a single Nowickia ferox and a superb Stratiomys potamida. One of the nicest sights though were dozens of Silver-washed Fritillaries flying along the river bank and through the sunny rides – plus a Scarlet Tiger moth flying over 5-acre Field.

* weevil ID courtesy of Max Barclay 🙂

3 Replies to “Moor Copse – 3rd July 3020”

  1. Chris

    Great pics, as always!

    Yout Stratiomys is potamida, isn’t it? Yellow stretching across tergite 3. Commoner species than chamaeleon.


  2. Hi Ian … yes you are correct – I was chatting about it to a friend the other day and realized my mistake – then promptly forgot to update the blog and change the name – doh! 😉 Thanks for reminding me – I will change it now 🙂

  3. Hi- weevil is Platystomos albinus female; they are pretty similar though. albinus has white on it (as the name suggests) and is the commoner of the two in the south east

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