Mont Itoupé samples

I have just received a really exciting batch of Diptera from Mont Itoupé, French Guiana. This batch comes courtesy of the Parc Amazonien de Guyane and was collected by Stéphane Brule and his colleagues at Société Entomologique Antilles-Guyane (S.E.A.G.). Stéphane also included a few samples that he collected in the northern regions, which come with less conditions of use*.

My first task has been to do a complete inventory of the different tubes and bottles – making a note of all the data so that I can work out how many data label sets I need to create. I will make up data labels (in PDF format) and distribute these to anyone who wants to work on a group.

So far I have only had a close look at 2 of the samples and there seem to be a lot of calliphorids (including many Messembrinellinae, which I am interested in). I have only found 1 tachinid so far, which is a little bit disappointing, but it was at least a genus that I can identify and I am sure there will be plenty more to come. However, there were 4 pantophthalmids in the sample from Réserve Naturelle des Nouragues, which will be a lot easier to work on. 🙂

* the Mont Itoupé samples were collected under a license that asked all people who work on the material to return 1 specimen of everything that is successfully identified. This isn’t really a problem because the sample is quite large and most people I have talked to are happy just to be able to work on such a remote and rarely collected region.

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