A few forgotten French Guianan insects

The other night I was looking through an old box of insects and discovered 5 trays of mixed French Guianan insects from my trip there in 2000. Most are Hymenoptera but there are a few interesting Diptera and other orders so I have decided to mount them and see who would like them.

More photos will follow when I have sorted through the material. Many thanks to Eric Fisher for identifying the asilids and to Menno Reemer for identify the syrphids.

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  1. I’m not too familiar with these foreign aculeates but they’re superb! I think the 3rd row no. 3, and the 4th row no. 2 & 3 are Eumenids – possibly a species of Eumenes. The 6th row 1 & 2 look like Pomplids – something like a species of Poecilopompilus?

  2. Hi Alan – thanks for the suggestions, you migth be right there – I have no experience with these groups in the neotropics so I am open to any suggestions! 😀 I will be taking them into the NHM sometime in the next few weeks so perhaps I will get some pointers there.

  3. I’d like to use one of your photos in an educational poster at a science festival in Edinburgh. Can you contact me to let me know about permissions – unfortunately I have no money to pay you – but could remove the picture if you are unwillling to have it displayed.

  4. Hi Chris. The conopid looks like Physocephala but is probably new – not one I immediately recognise, anyway. I’d like to see this and any other conopids one day, if possible.

  5. @David Clements
    Hi Dave, I’ll have a look round for it for you. I can’t immediately lay hands on it so it’s very possible that it has been donated to the NHM – I gave them a batch of miscellaneous Hymenoptera & Diptera families that I didn’t have time to work on. If I find it I will hang onto it and let you know 🙂

  6. The three Vespidae Eumeninae are very interesting, I would say that belong to species not known from French Guiana. If you want I’d be very interested in determine them for you.

    Best regards,
    Marco Selis

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