Mimicry in neotropical Asilidae 1

These are a few asilids I picked up in French Guiana, collected along forest edges in clearings where they sun themselves. When compared to bees of the genus Eulaema it is clear that they are very strong mimics but it is unclear to me why they copy Eulaema and not one of the other, commoner bees. Perhaps because the colours of Eulaema are closer to the normal colour patterns (black, brown & yellow) of other asilids?

A Eulaema to compare them to:

Eulaema sp. (male)

(scale marks are 1mm apart in groups of 5mm)

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  1. Reply Márcio Mendonça Apr 22,2010 9:19 pm

    dear Cris,
    Im a curious about the robber-fly, mainly ecologic interactions (mimicry). im have a suspect of the a relation in dunes too with bees of the other genera (Centris). do tou have any paper that describe some relations. Need of method of investigation. thanks.

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