Euglossine bees

I have just been working through some euglossine bees that I obtained over the years from various sources – French Guiana (myself & Philip Soler) and Ecuador (Andrew Neild). With a little bit of keying (Mitchener’s “Bees of the World” & Lynn Kimsey’s key to the genus Exaerete) I discovered that they broke down to: Exaerete frontalis, E. smaragdina, Aglae coerulea, some Euglossa sp., some Eufriesea sp. & some Eulaema sp.:

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  1. Chris .. all I can say is Wow. I have just found you wonderful blog. I paint bees, if I can from life/photos with the help of specimens. I had a pair of Euglossa bees come and stay with me for a few days. They were so delightful it was so nice having the live ones to watch and record. I am having an exhib of the British bee paintings in London in June.. trying to get the public a bit more aware of the solitary bees..
    What a wonderful record you have here… I am so looking forward to browsing through them Val

  2. Hi Val – Many thanks for your kind words – your paintings are really lovely too – you have a real talent there! 🙂 Good luck with your exhibition – if I get a chance to go to London during June I will look in. I am not really a hymenopterist, as you’ll see from the blog, but I am attracted to all kinds of interesting insects and I am easily distracted from my main projects on Tachinidae. Recently I unearthed a few boxes of bees and wasps and decided that it was about time that I work on them a bit and take some photos for the blog. 😉

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