Portuguese Diptera & Hymenoptera galore!

This weekend I have been mainly sorting over another great batch of tachinids (plus a few interesting Hymenoptera) from Jorge Almeida. There was a mixture of 100+ malaise trapped insects plus a few pinned specialities, such as Cinochira atra, Carcelia tibialis, Clairvillia biguttata, Estheria picta, Peleteria cf. rubescens, Zeuxia zernyi etc.

I have done a preliminary run through the malaise trapped specimens and the species list so far is: Cylindromyia (auriceps, pilipes, pillosa, interrupta, intermedia, bicolor), Siphona sp., Peribaea tibialis (& possibly discicornis), some Gymnosoma sp., Cistogaster mesnili, Prosena siberita, Tachina magnicornis, Peleteria varia, Nemoraea pellucida, Medina luctuosa, Ethilla aemula, Leucostoma anthracinum, Clytiomyia sp. & rather a lot of evanoid Hymenoptera. 🙂

Many thanks to Jorge for all his hard work and generosity! 😀

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