Pelecotheca flavipes Thompson (Neominthoini, pe-taxon #16)

After keying this taxon through MCAD it looks like one of the Neominthoini (it emerges on Neomintho, where most Neominthoini will end up) and the strong bristles on the facial ridges and the very elongate antennae are reminiscent of the females of theĀ Pelecotheca group of species. All of the specimens in this species group are males so it is definitely not a multi-fissicorn species.

EDIT (5/01/2011): Monty Wood has said that this is very close to Pelecotheca flavipes Thompson, a species that has been described from Trinidad but also recorded from Costa Rica. It is not inconceivable that it also occurs in Peru but it could eventually turn out to be a slightly different species.

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