Cerotachina sp. (fg-taxon #97) 1

This little gem is another multifissicorn species with feathered antennae – similar to the other ‘featherface’ tachinids, like Borgmeiermyia and Cryptocladocera. However, after running this through Arnaud (1963) it keys out as Cerotachina but doesn’t conform to either of the 2 known species so I am considering this a new, as yet undescribed species.

In summary, this species keys to Cerotachina because it has no median discal bristles the branches on antennae-3 are short – much less than 1/3 the length of antenna-3. The 2 existing species (C.elegantula & C.albula) are described as having a black body and black femur with darkened tibiae but this species has a dark-brownish ground colour (especially on the pleurae) and wholly bright orange legs.

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