A sample from Estonia

I have just taken delivery of a really interesting sample of tachinids from Villu Soon at the Museum of Zoology, Tartu, Estonia. It is a mixture of 3/4 Estonian and 1/3 French Guianan samples so it is doubly exciting for me – things I can actually identify and add to my Palearctic collection PLUS more interesting morphotypes to add to my ongoing Neotropical project! 🙂

I have never seen any tachinids from Estonia but I am pretty confident that I can identify all of them – the Central European key should cover the area and I am sure I will be able to feed-back a good list of names to Villu.

The French Guianan material is interesting because these flies were hand netted, whereas my previous samples were all malaise trapped, so there are different species … with an emphasis on larger species too.

I will add photos of both samples here as I work through them – but, as with all pinned specimens that I receive, they have gone for a 2-week holiday in the freezer to elliminate the risk of pests 🙂

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