Darwin Centre – 23rd September 2009

These are a few of the photos I took while going round the new Darwin Centre ‘cocoon’ at the Natural History Museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was really keen to go and see it in the first week after it opened so when the chance came up I jumped at it.

Behind the scenes the entomological & plant collections have received a huge upgrade with new steel cabinets sealed against pests and housed in a climate-controlled environment that maintains about 16C, which is so low that most pests will not breed. The Lepidoptera & Botany collections have moved in and Diptera will move in October, followed by the other orders when they are ready.

Outside the cocoon the public tour is really impressive too, with lots of interactive stuff for both adults and kids. The theme is all about what goes on behind the scenes and why collections are important for studying biodiversity.

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