Tachinids from Galicia, Spain

A few weeks ago José Luis Camaño Portela contacted me and asked if I would mind helping him identify some tachinids that he had been collecting as part of a scheme to record the biodiversity in the Galicia region of north-western Spain. It is an unusual location from a collecting point of view and he was happy to donate the specimens to my collection, which made the sample easy and tempting to work on. I received the flies earlier in the week and immediately started to pin+mount them.

Initially I had expected the sample to contain large numbers of phasiines (eg. Cylindromyia and Gymnosoma spp.) like most samples from southern Europe. But I was intrigued to find a range of species that I would have associated with central or northen Europe – lots of Tachina, Nowickia, Phasia (pusilla group), Pales, Eriothrix, Siphona etc. Mixed in with this though were a few Gymnosoma, Gonia and Rondania and the actual species of Nowickia and Eriothrix look different to the ones I am used to… all very exciting!

The excitement rose significantly today when I discovered a Ceromya in amongst the much more boring Siphona and when I keyed it in Andersen the specimen comes out to Ceromya dorsigera – described as ‘extremely rare’ and known from only a few specimens – one of which was collected in ‘northern Spain’. so I have written to Peter Tschorsnig and I hope to have some confirmation later 🙂

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