Moor Copse reserve – 23rd August 2009

The day started a little cloudy and windy but I decided to reexplore an area of Moor Copse that I had surveyed a few days previously.

The main flowery meadow is usually too overgrown, marshy and populated by blood-sucking Clegg flies (Haematopota sp.) for my liking so I avoid it and just collect around the edge. Recently though they cut the meadow for hay, which made the whole area accessible and they left a good, wide edge with plenty of tall, flowering umbellifers. The ground under foot was fairly dry and the flowers were all covered in a variety of Diptera.

Tachina fera was common again, as were Exorista sp., Phryxe sp. and a solitary Solieria sp.. Interestingly, I have seen very few Siphona sp. this year. Butterflies included Red Admiral, Small Copper and a variety of Browns & Whites. A few Hornets were also spotted cruising around the flowers trying to pick-off unwary insects.

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