Warburg nature reserve – 16th August 2009

The old Range, Warburg nature reserve

The old Range, Warburg nature reserve

A lovely sunny, warm day today so I drove out to BBOWT’s Warburg nature reserve near Bix, Henley-on-Thames. I hadn’t visited Warburg for years but it has always been one of my favourite entomology sites.

Today didn’t disappoint either with plenty of grassland flowers lining the rides and scrubby areas. Tachinids were in abbundance but the majority were the usual species: Tachina fera (100s!), Eurithia anthophila, Phryxe sp., Exorista sp., Phasia cf. pusilla etc. Looking through the catch afterwards I noticed I had a few Sturmia bella and a an interesting Linnaemya.

Butterflies were a bit ‘end of season’ but I saw a few Meadow Browns, Common Blues, Small Coppers and the star of the show was a very nice female Clouded Yellow.

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