Pamber Forest – 18th July 2009

small-skipper-pamber-forest-20090718I was really keen to take a trip down to Pamber Forest because at this time last year I had seen all kinds of interesting things there. Sadly, the weather clouded up as I drove down there and the sun hardly shone for the 2 hours I was on site.

That said, I saw a few things: Tachina fera, Nowickia ferox, Dexiosoma caninum, Eriothrix rufomaculata, Siphona sp., Xanthogramma sp., Chrysotoxum sp., White Admiral butterfly (a very small specimen), Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, lots of Cinnabar moth larvae on Ragwort … and a few ticks (Acari) too!

It was a pretty disappointing trip though and I hope to go back again at the next opportunity. On the way home I called in at Moor Copse and caught about 10 interesting flies (mainly tachinids, sarcophagids & a Conops sp.) … nothing really exciting but at least 10 more than I got at Pamber!

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