Dorset 2

Just having a few days away in Dorset, visiting my parents. Lovely warm, sunny weather so far and the scenery in wonderful down here.

First trip was to Powerstock Common and although we didn’t see the Marsh Fritillaries (having a bad few years apparently) we did see a few Wood Whites and my favourite – a Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth. Didn’t see any tachinids though, which was a little disappointing and it was a bit difficult to collect off the main tracks due to there being so many ticks on the foliage waiting to grab you.

Second outing was to West Bexington where we collected a carrier-bag full of cuttlefish ‘bones’ (for the neighbour’s budgies) and admired the really lovely shingle habitat complete with Horned Poppy, Sea Kale, Sea Campion (over), Houndtongue and a small patch of Thrift.

Back home I noticed a few Ruby-tail Wasps (Chrysis sp.) running and flying around the shed so I crept up and got a few photos as one stopped to preen.

2 thoughts on “Dorset

  1. Reply Nigel Jones Jun 6,2009 10:55 pm

    Hi Chris,
    Ticks at Powerstock Common. I last visited PC some 25 years ago, when I did get badly infested with ticks. Something that has not changed!

  2. Reply ChrisR Jun 6,2009 11:52 pm

    Yes – we were lucky to notice them on our clothes and lower-legs pretty quickly and didn’t get bitten. They were really tiny nymphs too so they were sods to find! Not something I have ever had to worry about up here in north Berks/south Oxon. It’s a real pity because it’s a wonderful reserve with lots of potential. 🙂

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