Finnish finished

Just packaged up some flies to go back to Jari in Finland – he lent me some of his Malaise trapped tachinids to identify, with the promise of sharing the identified ones between us. Towards the end I had to admit defeat with the Siphona sp. (the Finnish fauna is totally different to what I am used to and I don’t have any reference samples) and some “small black jobs”, which I just didn’t have time to work through.

Jari has been very generous and let me keep a number of very exciting specimens – namely: Graphogaster brunescens (very rare in England – see photos below), Loewia erecta (a relatively new species), lots of Cylindromyia interupta & brassicaria, Ceromya silacea and a scattering of other nice species. I hope to add some more photos here in a little while.

Many thanks again to Jari – I am looking forward to seeing the results of this year’s collecting! 🙂

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